Secrets of a beautiful body. Diets and Antidiety.

Are You Using Safe Fat Burning Strategies?

Fashion on a beautiful, slim figure is dictated mainly Hollywood movies and the stage, that is, our idols. It is not only an actress torture themselves and their bodies diets — all public people trying to have a perfect figure. They share with their fans recipes, easy handing out advice on how to lose weight quickly, although, in fact, they are given a slim figure as hard as all ordinary people. Celebrities even harder — they worry about every extra inch. It is a vicious circle: the ideology of thinness promoted stars, which themselves and fall into its trap. But who said that 90−60−90 — this is the standard of beauty. It is not clear what causes women to seek standard models, defile the runway. According to sociological surveys, only 8% of men have a passion for skinny women. The girls with beautiful shapes look much more tempting. In the beauty of the body is not important its thinness, and its proportion, fit and elasticity of the muscles. Moreover, often frantic desire to lose weight to 46th in size, turns into anorexia, malnutrition or malnutrition. Mistake made by many is that they perceive the diet as a grueling way to acquire good shape. However, any diet — is the whole procedure, which includes not only a certain set of products, but also the mental attitude and strict mode. If you choose not to eat a day before the memorable event of your life to look slimmer — this is unlikely to affect your good health. Diets First, losing weight should be moderate, severe loss of weight — a lot of stress to the body. Secondly, who one day loses weight, and the second day again fullness risk not only hurt your health, but to stay on the memory with many stretch marks. Practice shows that the thin man — it does not mean a healthy person. Diet can be for different purposes — in order to get rid of excess weight, in order to cleanse the body, the treatment of a disease or its prevention. To find the right diet, you need to first identify with what result you want to get on the diet. Second, examine your body to avoid any complications in the presence of a disease organism. Nutritionists believe that the secret to good health — it is not only well-chosen diet, and a healthy lifestyle in general. Therefore, do not experiment with your body — what is useful for one person may be harmful to another person. On the question of selection of diet in accordance with the characteristics of the organism should be approached seriously. Another reason that women seek to impose on them to follow the ideal — is, oddly enough, advertising. Or rather — huge corporations and companies that put their money into advertising for weight loss products. Their money — women trying to reach an ideal weight, is in their interest to support this ideal. Do not let the lure yourself into a trap. We get energy from the food that we need for a full life. Besides, if you do not take all their gut diet and deny yourself something through «can not», it will certainly affect your mood, and therefore on the relationships with others. Many people feel depressed and unhappy when dieting. So your choice is to be completely conscious. For example, if you give up fried, do it, not because someone has forbidden you this, but because you understand what benefits it will bring to your body, that is you. Whatever you eat, there is one important condition — your diet does not have to make you miserable.

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